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Leasehold Ownership

 What is Leasehold Ownership? People are always want know about leasehold ownership this is the major question of all. Leasehold ownership is a type of real estate ownership where an individual or entity owns the right to use a property for a specific period of time, typically for a set number of years. The leaseholder does not own the land or building outright but rather has a lease agreement with the landowner or freeholder. During the lease term, the leaseholder has the right to occupy and use the property subject to the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. The leaseholder may also have the right to sublet the property or make improvements to it, subject to any restrictions set forth in the lease. However, once the lease term expires, the property typically reverts back to the landowner or freeholder. Leasehold ownership is commonly used in commercial real estate, but it is also used for residential properties, particularly in areas with high land values where purchasing fr